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I'm slowly falling in love with X-Men. I've always liked it. I used to watch the cartoon and I love the movies (except for the third one with Jean "I'm so very, very boring" Grey) But since I've been chilling at home with my Sis, I've been learning so much about the comic and other 'verses and whatnot.

I love Layla Miller! She's so cute and she "knows stuff." I think I might be a Rogue/Gambit-shipper, lol. I still love Wolverine, though. He's just so growly and angry, haha.

So cute! (click for full pic)

Anyway, I really like the new cartoon: Wolverine and the X-men. I like the art-style. It's very stylized. Kitty looks so cute in it, tehe. I was just watching it on nicktoons.com for free! Well, I suppose I watch it on TV for free, but still. I like watching videos online. I don't like to think of those dark days before Youtube. I had only Newgrounds and Ebaum's World to get me by. But I digress...

I'm definitely going to get the new shoujo-style manga called X-men Misfits. It looks cute. It's got who might be Iceman, Pryo and maybe Shadow Cat on the cover. It comes out in late July of this year.

That's all for today! (my one reader, lol)



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