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Okay...well, maybe not, lol.

I took an IQ test on Facebook and I got a score of 138. I thought that was bad, but apparently 100 is average and 140 is genius, so I'm not too bad, eh? I think Squidgey got something higher (blast!) oh well, for what I lack in genius, I make up for in creativity and...uh...awesomeness?

I like the math questions, but the "which one is different?" questions confuse Jubesy's poor brain. Well, at least I did it in 11 minutes (out of 15).

Andrew called today (yay!) I love that man (well, I should, he's my husband, haha) I love getting to talk to him. The last time he was deployed, I only got to talk to him sometimes and it was a very sad time. But it's much better this time!

I went to Kohl's today. I had my gift card (have to send that "thank you" card!!) and bought a cute shirt with cheese on it (you have to see it, really), a Father's Day gift for my dad and cool jewelry. I got a Prayer Box necklace and a cool heart ring. The necklace is shaped like a heart as well and carries my prayer for Andrew's safety (it's not like a wish, if I tell you it's not like it won't come true, hehe) The rings looks like that hands holding a heart with a crown, but instead of hands, it has Celtic knots. Lemme find a pic...

Here's the Prayer Box and lemme find the ring... *searching...*

There we go. Apparently it's a Celtic Claddagh Ring. Cool. Sounds good to me. I'm Irish.

That's all for now!


P.S. I took the "Advanced" IQ Test after that and got 147!! W00t!


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